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Permalink Popcorn was the first product that had the Lay’s brand name.
Permalink The earliest known waterbeds are those from Ancient Persia––goatskins filled with water.
Permalink It took Rubik’s Cube inventor Erno Rubik more than 1 month to find a solution to his puzzle.
Permalink Edward, the Duke of Windsor, called the comic strip Prince Valiant, “the greatest contribution to English literature in the past hundred years.”
Permalink Your tongue is the only muscle in your body attached at one end.
Permalink There’s a lunar crater named Beer. But it’s not named for the drink. It’s named for selenographer Wilhelm Beer.
Permalink Fashion designer Bill Blass was a member of America’s "Ghost Army," a secret WW2 unit whose mission was the art of deception.
Permalink Sir Arthur Conan Doyle––Sherlock Holmes creator–– was on the same cricket team as JM Barrie––Peter Pan creator.
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July 30, 1863: Henry Ford is Born
On this day in 1863, American automobile maker Henry Ford was born in Greenfield, Michigan.  He incorporated the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and five years later, the company began producing the Model T, considered to be America’s first affordable car. The manufacture of the Model T relied on assembly line production, a revolutionary method developed by Ford himself.
Explore the life of this 20th century innovator with Henry Ford from American Experience.
Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ford in his first car, the Ford Quadricycle. (Wikimedia Commons)
Permalink Lobsters urinate out of their heads.